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Marantz VP-11S1 Marantz  VP-11S1
After the continuing evolution and success of the VP-12 series, people were asking, “how much better can it possibly get?” Only after witnessing the new full HD VP-11s1 with real 1080p resolution this can be positively answered.
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Marantz VP-12S4 Marantz  VP-12S4
The VP-12S4 will make your jaw drop with the smoothest, most seamless and lifelike image ever delivered from a single chip solid state video projector. First, we start with the already proven platform of Texas Instruments’ HD2+ DLP® chipset.
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Marantz VP-10S1 Marantz  VP-10S1
For the videophile who accepts nothing but the best, Marantz is proud to introduce the VP-10S1.
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Marantz VP4001 Marantz  VP4001
The Marantz VP4001 is a compact DLP-Projector with a HD-resolution of 720 screenlines.
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