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Pod Technology - The KEF 'Pod' technology story is the story of a company who were the first with a radical new concept in audio production.

Uni-Q White Paper - The story behind the development of the first generation of Uni-Q driver arrays.

High End Uni-Q - The use of state-of-the-art research tools in the development of the current Reference Series Uni-Q driver array.

Reference White Paper - The KEF Reference Model 207 Technical white paper

ACE Technology - A history and comprehensive discussion on how Acoustic Compliance Enhancement works.

Coda/Q Discussion - A technical discussion on the KEF Coda and KEF Q Series of loudspeakers.

KEF iQ8ds KEF  iQ8ds
As the dipole rear effects speaker for the Q Series, the two 130mm (5 1/4") Uni-Q arrays in the heavilty braced curved cabinets of the iQ8ds disperse atmospheric effects encoded in digital soundtracks evenly throughout the listening area to create a sense of place so real you can almost touch it.
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So gorgeous: HTB2 is the first subwoofer at this price level that you will want to show off!
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KEF PSW 1000.2 KEF  PSW 1000.2
A 100W on-board amplifier driving a 200mm (8”) bass driver adds a powerful extra dimension to the 3D sound image.
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KEF PSW 2500 KEF  PSW 2500
The latest addition to the "Q Series" range, the multi-purpose PSW2500 active subwoofer has an attractive curved cabinet which is heavily braced to eliminate any unwanted 'box coloration'.
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KEF PSW 3500 KEF  PSW 3500
With a 300W power amp driving a 300mm (12”) down-firing long-throw bass unit, PSW3500 is capable of generating a heftily extended bass image over a very large area
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KEF PSW 4000 KEF  PSW 4000
Serious stuff. No less than 500 Watts of high efficiency Class D amplifier power, with a 300mm (12") long-throw driver in a hand finished MDF cabinet.
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Irresistible - the compact three-way stand mount speaker that's packed with Reference Series technology.
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Serious technology - and rightly so. Watching movies, nowhere is acoustic accuracy more important than the centre channel.
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KEF iQ1 KEF  iQ1
If you want to create a rich, expansive soundscape in a smaller room without compromising sonic accuracy, the iQ1 delivers the full benefit of KEF's latest design thinking.
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KEF iQ3 KEF  iQ3
The iQ3 is a slightly larger cabinet houses KEF's new generation 160mm (6 1/2") Uni-Q array, complete with its acclaimed 19mm (3/4") aluminium dome neodymium tweeter.
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KEF iQ2c KEF  iQ2c
The pleasures of home cinema depend largely on the quality of your centre channel speaker.
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KEF iQ6c KEF  iQ6c
If you're really serious about home entertainment, iQ6c is the way to go. With the same 130mm (5 1/4") Uni-Q point source array flanked by two equally large long-throw, ultra-low distortion LF drivers
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