History is replete with inspiring tales of brilliance; people who's dedication fostered products or solutions for the benefit of others. Consider Antonio Stradivari, whose legendary Stradivarius violins set a standard that has never been equaled. Or, Giovanni Bertone, whose enthusiasm and perseverance fashioned some of the world's most exquisite motorcars.

Our adventure began in 1983, when Peter Lyngdorf established Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industry - DALI. The idea behind DALI was simple: to deliver no-compromise sound. Input from countless customers in Denmark's Hi-Fi Club shops indicated a ceaseless quest by these audiophiles for state-of-the-art loudspeakers. Peter made this quest his mission.

Venturing into a market dominated by large manufacturers requires enthusiasm and devotion. Peter Lyngdorf and his colleagues possessed both in abundance. More importantly, they enjoyed a key advantage over their large competitors: in addition to being thoroughly steeped in technical knowledge and acoustics, they shared a genuine and profound love for "great sound".

Peter Lyngdorf started DALI in modest surroundings - but with the very latest equipment (purchased on lengthy terms). The philosophy was clear: DALI was to develop and manufacture loudspeakers capable of creating no-compromise sound, as close to reality as technically possible, with a minimum of fuss.

In 1986, the first section of DALI's new headquarters in Nørager was established: a new 43,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and sound laboratory unequalled in Europe.

Contrary to common practice, DALI decided that two-person teams should be responsible for each individual speaker from start to finish (instead of the usual assembly-line approach). As a result, each speaker carries a golden metal badge with the builder's signature, proof of visual as well as electronic inspection. While the business world promoted quality control schemes, DALI just went ahead and did it. In addition to attaining unsurpassed product quality, this production method also fostered a spirit that has characterized DALI to this day - a spirit that involves every employee as an integral part of the DALI experience. This unique approach is one reason why Peter Lyngdorf's dream of producing the world's finest loudspeakers manifested. The DALI spirit still exists - not just with one man, but also with a team of 60+ colleagues.

In 1996, after years of development and experiments, DALI achieved a milestone, not just for DALI, but also for hi-fi worldwide: DALI introduced the no-compromise "price no object" DALI MegaLine. MegaLine has since been recognized as "the best loudspeaker in the world". MegaLine comprises a floor-to-ceiling line source with six high-frequency ribbons and 24 custom-made 6.5" woofer/midrange units that are housed in a monumental, beautiful enclosure with an external, active class A crossover network. These components combine to achieve a system that has never been surpassed. DALI MegaLine totally eliminates boundary reflections and standing waves, achieving stunning spatial realism and unmatched musical splendor.

Since its introduction, DALI MegaLine has enjoyed worldwide acclaim, awed the most critical hi-fi connoisseurs, and provided breathless listening experiences to audiences. Equally important, DALI MegaLine has provided unique knowledge and competence to DALI's engineers and developers, who now utilize technologies and experience culled from MegaLine for other DALI designs.

The process of developing and manufacturing eminent quality loudspeakers soon revealed another problem: if one connects the finest amplifier to the finest loudspeaker without utilizing the best cable, one cannot achieve the best sound. Clearly, if audiophiles were to enjoy the full musical potential of DALI loudspeakers, properly engineered cables had to be either manufactured or specified by DALI. This, therefore, is what happened. Today, loudspeaker cables and interconnects of sublime quality are also provided by DALI.

This same need for improvement was also revealed in crossover networks. Standard solutions were inadequate, as they veiled subtle nuances in sound. DALI therefore also undertook this project. Now, each DALI loudspeaker utilizes networks that are handmade with "hard-wire" technique, whereby components are directly connected to each other, avoiding printed circuit boards that inevitably introduce loss and distortion. The world's finest suppliers provide the components for crossover networks to DALI specifications. However, chokes for the crossovers are designed and fabricated entirely in-house by DALI, as no other supplier could fulfill the exacting demands. The result, breathtaking transparency!

Today, the DALI product line comprises 60 models, from the cost-conscious AXS series to the ultimate performance MegaLine. DALI loudspeakers, once found primarily in the hands of audiophiles, are now found at many levels worldwide, enjoyed by people who appreciate outstanding quality and sublime sound.

In terms of design, DALI holds a trump card: the fact that there's never been - and never will be - a DALI loudspeaker made that follows the line of least resistance. Decades of experience in developing and producing supreme performance loudspeakers, enables DALI to incorporate numerous known principles into each DALI design.

The Nordic countries remain a key DALI market, where DALI comprises 20% of all speakers sold. However, in 1999 DALI launched an ambitious expansion program, aimed at placing DALI among the world's top 10 loudspeaker manufacturers within five years. Today, DALI is represented in 40 countries, with subsidiaries in China, Australia, Benelux, Malaysia, Germany and, recently, the USA. 2003 marks the year when DALI spans the Atlantic to successfully establish the DALI brand in the world's largest market: the United States.

Although sales continue to expand, DALI will forever uphold and protect our most cherished asset: sound. In these times when the big eat the small, and where quality often suffers due to cost pressures, DALI has managed to maintain the unique DALI spirit while leaping forward briskly in terms of innovation and design. Development continues at DALI, with spirit and enthusiasm witnessed both in the lab and the listening room. The most recent result of this creativity is the stunning new DALI Euphonia series: a monumental design that captures sound with such sparkling realism that all previous performance standards are transcended.

DALI has been - and continues to be - an adventure, where brilliant ideas and the demand for performance ensure the ultimate experience; the "Magic Moments" you'll always remember.


DALI HELICON 300 Speakers DALI  HELICON 300 Speakers
If your preference is compact stand-mounted speakers - and there are advantages compared to floorstanding loudspeakers - your choice is the Helicon 300.
0,00 YTL   Ürün Detay
The Helicon IW 200 Phantom (IW for In-Wall) was developed following the immediate success of the Euphonia Phantom In-Wall speaker had become apparent.
0,00 YTL   Ürün Detay
DALI HELICON C200 Speakers DALI  HELICON C200 Speakers
For the ultimate stereo experience you have W200, Helicon 300, 400 or 800 - but if you want to go surround with your Helicon you will need the C200 (C for center) speaker.
0,00 YTL   Ürün Detay
All-in-one bi-wire version of SILVER WAVE with four separate color-coded 3 mm2 silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors with 37 individual 0.32 mm strands and Teflon insulation for maximum electrical isolation and minimal dielectric absorption.
0,00 YTL   Ürün Detay
DALI HELICON S600 Speakers DALI  HELICON S600 Speakers
The Helicon S600 (S for subwoofer) is designed to visually and acoustically match the Helicon Series. The Helicon S600 enclosure is made according to the same principles as the other Helicon speakers – very strong laminated panels, veneered and high gloss polished. The beautifully curved top
0,00 YTL   Ürün Detay
DALI HELICON 300 Stand Speakers DALI  HELICON 300 Stand Speakers
The Helicon 300 stand is especially designed for the Helicon 300 speaker. With the same high gloss real wood lacquer, it enhances the presentation of the Helicon 300.
0,00 YTL   Ürün Detay
DALI HELICON W200 Speakers DALI  HELICON W200 Speakers
The W200 is designed and tuned as an on-wall alternative to the Helicon 300. A pair of W200 on-wall matched with a subwoofer deliver the same sound reproduction as a pair of Helicon 300 or 400.
0,00 YTL   Ürün Detay
DALI MENTOR 2 Speakers DALI  MENTOR 2 Speakers
The modest dimensions of the MENTOR 2´s make them ideal for smaller rooms. Best placed on a good speaker stand, the MENTOR 2 will show absolutely no compromise in performance, delivering an unprecedented 3D Audio experience.
0,00 YTL   Ürün Detay
DALI MENTOR 2 Speakers DALI  MENTOR 2 Speakers
The modest dimensions of the MENTOR 2´s make them ideal for smaller rooms. Best placed on a good speaker stand, the MENTOR 2 will show absolutely no compromise in performance, delivering an unprecedented 3D Audio experience.
0,00 YTL   Ürün Detay
The Piano Forte is both beautiful and delivers exceptional sound – and the fact that it is designed to hang visible on a wall only makes it that much more attractive in any sound system.
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2 x 3 mm2 silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors with 37 individual 0.32 mm strands and Teflon insulation for maximum electrical isolation and minimal dielectric absorption.
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No DALI series is complete without a center speaker that matches the reference-creating standard of the series. With Evidence C70 you obtain exceptional clarity and perfect reproduction of speech.
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