Sonus Faber
To give the source that reproduces music the identity of a musical instrument itself. To go beyond the concept of "high fidelity" and enter the dimension of "perfect correspondence", thus recreating the emotion of a live performance in the environment. This is the aim with which we manufacture Sonus faber products, projects that draw inspiration from the manufacturing criteria of the lutemakers art, since we do believe that the qualitative features of sound mostly depend on the acoustic chamber, its shape and on its materials in a loudspeaker as well as in a stringed musical instrument.

Sonus faber Gravis DOMUS Sonus faber  Gravis DOMUS
A robust and powerful subwoofer cosmetically matched to blend with the Domus Series. Featuring a massive 12” active woofer and a downward firing 10.25” passive radiator the Gravis easily delivers the lowest octaves with both detail and authority.
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Aesthetically complementary and sonically compatible with Cremona, Auditor and Center for use in reference music or film sound systems.
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Sonus faber MUSICA Sonus faber  MUSICA
Musica is the perfect expression of the Sonus faber philosophy, embodying simplicity while representing the quest for the finest sound reproduction possible.
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Sonus faber Center DOMUS Sonus faber  Center DOMUS
A fully shielded center channel speaker, front ported 3-way design, featuring dual 6” woofers, 3.25” midrange and 1” ring radiator tweeter.
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Sonus faber Elipsa Sonus faber  Elipsa
Elipsa, a major new introduction for Sonus faber, is placed at the top of the highly regarded Cremona range yet borrows its sonic and design cues from the ultimate, Stradivari homage.
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Sonus faber Concertino DOMUS Sonus faber  Concertino DOMUS
Fully embodying Sonus faber’s heritage in the creation of the full-range compact monitor,
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Designed with the same finesse and painstaking attention to detail as the Cremona main speaker, the Cremona center is the perfect complement when designing a reference multi-channel music or film sound system.
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The Guarneri homage was both Sonus faber's first tribute to the art of Cremonese violin makers and the birth of an new approach to loudspeaker design.
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Sonus faber Wall DOMUS Sonus faber  Wall DOMUS
This fully shielded, MainSurround‘ is a front ported, mirror imaged two-way, featuring a 6” woofer and 1” ring radiator tweeter that have very high power handling capabilities. Intended to be equally effective mounted on the wall, shelf, stand or even on the ceiling.
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Sonus faber Concerto DOMUS Sonus faber  Concerto DOMUS
A slightly more compact version of the Grand Piano designed for use in smaller interior spaces
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Sonus faber Grand Piano DOMUS Sonus faber  Grand Piano DOMUS
Drawing design inspiration from the legendary Cremona, the full-range 3-way, floor standing Grand Piano Domus delivers extraordinary performance at a substantially reduced cost.
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Sonus faber CREMONA Sonus faber  CREMONA
As a tribute to the city that fostered the masters of violin making, the Cremona series continues Franco Serblin’s project of building speakers that marry the latest in high technology with traditional instrument design.
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