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With the release of Amati anniversario, Sonus faber commemorates the 500th year since the birth of Andrea Amati, the master string instrument maker from Cremona, Italy.

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With the release of Amati anniversario, Sonus faber commemorates the 500th year since the birth of Andrea Amati, the master string instrument maker from Cremona, Italy. This exciting creation represents yet another step in the evolution of the “trilogy of homages” begun in 1998 to honor the great stringed instrument makers of Cremona: Guarneri, Amati and Stradivarius. Amati anniversario incorporates technology and concepts derived from Sonus faber’s most important homage project, Stradivari, as well as the speaker that premiered the homage line, Guarneri. Amati Anniversario joins this ensemble of speakers in representing the total expression of Sonus faber’s experience and desire to “make the string instrument play” any musical event with the fullest expression of emotion and artistry.

Cabinet Design
Structural rigidity, resonance control and superlative sound dispersion are the hallmarks of this sophisticated cabinet. The lute shape, first used with Guarneri homage, encourages a more homogeneous frequency response than is possible with a parallel walled enclosure. The cabinet is handcrafted from laminated sheets of maple of various thickness and consistency, which are joined by means of a polymeric glue with a high coefficient of viscosity in order to damp vibration. The back wave produced by the drive units is transmitted to an internal reflex channel virtually eliminating inner cabinet reverberation. The curved sides of this cabinet make it extremely rigid and immune from vibration, enhancing drive-unit wave launch for an uncanny purity of sound. Additionally, the midrange and tweeter sections are housed in a separate enclosure that is resonance optimized and mechanically decoupled from the main enclosure to further improve transparency and detail.

Designed according to the concept of “free compression,” each driver sets new standards of excellence in terms of absolute control, speed, and nuance. The silk ring-radiator tweeter uses a proprietary dual-toroidal wave-guide front plate to harmoniously integrate the radiating diaphragm into the front baffle, while the back wave from the diaphragm is loaded into a dual-cardioid acoustic labyrinth, eliminating any unwanted reflections and colorations. The midrange driver is structured around a skeletal cast frame, massive motor assembly, and uniquely damped co-polymer diaphragm to minimize stored energy and maximize linearity. The dual woofers employ an aluminum/magnesium alloy diaphragm and distinctive ventilated phase plug in order to produce bass with absolute precision and dynamic continuity. All drive units are connected by a proprietary silver/palladium alloy wiring harness to a crossover system that highly controls the impedance according to frequency variations to create a remarkably easy load.


System Type: 3-way, floor-standing, reflex-loaded dynamic loudspeaker.

Cabinet: Lute shape design, multilayer, constrained-mode damped enclosure formed using hand selected wood layers, quality graded and oriented for carefully optimized resonances control. Sub-structural ribs are strategically placed for absolute rejection of spurious vibrations.

Woofers: Dual 8.5 in. (220 mm), lightweight Aluminum/Magnesium alloy cone drivers in an acoustically amorphous vented chamber. A dual Faraday copper ring long-throw motor system with a 1.5 in. “eddy current free” voice coil is implemented for an ultra dynamic performance and linearity. Unique ventilated phase plug, designed to remove cavity resonance and eliminate non-linearity.

Midrange: 6 in. (150 mm), ultra dynamic linearity driver. CCAW/Kapton “eddy current free” voice coil. Dynamically linear magnetic field motor incorporating Kellog and Faraday rings. All moving elements optimally ventilated for “resonance free” response. Designed to function synergistically within its vented “acoustic chamber”.

Tweeter: 1 in. (25 mm) ultra dynamic linearity ring radiator driver, with dual toroidal wave-guide front plate and a dual-cardioid acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, both used to eliminate any unwanted reflections and colorations.

Crossover: Special multi-slope structure with optimized phase/amplitude response. The impedance at low frequencies is controlled to provide an easier load, permitting the use of a broader choice of amplifier. Proprietary silver/palladium alloy ribbon conductors are used in twisted pairs to allow superior coherency for the entire signal path. Crossover points are 350Hz and 4kHz.

Frequency Response: 24Hz - 30kHz, tuning ports induded.
Sensitivity:92dB SPL (2.8V/1 m)
Normal Impedance:4 ohms
Power Handling:30W – 300W, without clipping
Finish:Red violin or graphite piano gloss.
Dimensions:11 x 24 x 47 inches (WxDxH)
Weight:354 lbs / pr
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